Top 5 American Express Credit Cards

American Express is one of the largest holdings of credit cards on earth. The business offers cards that are customized to fulfill the requirements of all sorts of clients but they appeal to the demands of people with high net value. At the moment, over 100 million individuals around the globe use cards which are issued with this multinational financial firm. American Express has an extremely powerful presence in the majority of Asian nations such as Singapore. It offers a variety of credit cards that are extremely popular among residents of the island country.Get info about

The best 5 American Express credit cards offered in Singapore are as follows:

1. Authentic Cash Back Card This card was designed to help individuals with saving additional cash should they use the card to get their everyday expenses. A proportion of the sum spent using the card be credited back into the cardholders’ account as cash and so they could save yourself money in the procedure. The cardholders will have to cover somewhat bit more compared to S$170 as a yearly fee for your card and they are also able to elect for extra cards for their loved ones to discuss together with the benefits provided for this card.

2. American Express Platinum Card As its title suggests this credit card includes features that were developed for those who have the highest lifestyles also it may provide them with golf, dining and travel benefits. Due to its global acceptability, this card may be used at merchant shops around the world. The yearly fee for your card billed is comparatively high and therefore it might not be excellent for people that are seeking a card with the low yearly fee or other fees.

American Express Credit Cards

3. American Express Rewards Card This is the perfect American Express credit card for people who wish to get reward points each time they use their card for any trade. The reward points could be redeemed with no difficulty and also on the site of American Express Singapore. The cardholders can be found with greater bonus points if they use the card at a few of the chosen merchant outlets in Singapore. Only individuals aged 21 or over may use this card, which includes a low yearly fee of approximately S$50.

4. American Express Platinum Reserve Card – it’s the perfect card for people who wish to make increased reward points for everyone their purchases. It may the cardholders can earn up to 50,000 points in the first 6 months before getting the card by simply spending a predetermined amount of cash. It’s also quite great for people who often dine out since it provides them together with discounts and other statements at a number of the highest restaurants in the nation. It will include a high yearly fee of over S$500.

5. American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold Card – This American Express credit card was designed for people who travel by Singapore Airlines regularly since they may enjoy discounts on airline tickets and a variety of other travel benefits. With each dollar spent using the card, the cardholders get air miles along with the collected air miles can then be redeemed for hotel bookings, flight bookings, and other travel benefits. Only individuals with higher credit scores may apply to this card.

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